Let's race!!!

In 2021 Adrian Poparad with his X-35 CLOUD have joined our club. The goal for this year is to (re)build teams for Cloud, Mojo and Joy and to rise the support Irony, Nemo and Harmony teams in their performance targets.

Good news from the Romanian Yachting Federation... The Offshore Committee have established new competition classes, so Irony, Nemo and Mojo will be racing in A1 Class, Cloud in A2 Class, Harmony and Joy in B1 Class. Also, the request from our club that a new class for Beneteau First 40.7 to be extracted from general results was approved, so, now we have 3 boats (Irony, Nemo, Mojo) active in this class too.

Pre-season training started with online technical meetings, boats inspections and sea trials. In the first week of May we managed to organize a five days/all teams/training session under the supervise of an excellent trainer - Luis Brito.

The training session ended with 2021 Limanu Channel Cup, the first international edition of our regatta (Blue Magic and Extasy from Bulgaria were our guest and competitors).

The season is great for Irony in A1 class - 1th in Romania Cup Alpha Bank, 2nd in National Championship, 2nd in Life Ro Cup.

A very good season for Harmony also in B2 class - winning 3 medals in Romania Cup regattas (6th overall). After winning all the races in the first stage of the National Championship, fair play is celebrated by retiring from the regatta due to an error in the ORC Certificate - Chapeau Harmony!



Irony Team

Catalin Corduneanu, Vlad Rapisca, Andrei Cracea, Alex Georgescu, Bogdan Stanciu, Gabi Chimisliu, Cristi Grosu, Alexandru Mitric, Vasile Muresan, Dan Barbu, Catalin Anton


Nemo Team

Andrei Ionescu, George Ghituran, Costica Balcan, Schmitzer Radu, Gabriel Ranca, Cristian Ramniceanu, Ioana Tascau, Diana Iliescu, Nicu Gore, Andreea Cernatoni, Marcel Grapinoiu


Mojo Team

Valentin Ciurel, Adrian Dragan, Ivanescu Valentin, Bogdan Stanciu, Marius Achilie, Cojocaru Constantin, Laura Chirodea, Mora Victor, Romeo Gogoase, Cristea Daniel, Faruk Hairedin, Bolocan Alin


Harmony Team

Gabi Borcea, Bogdan Raduta, Gabi Vlasceanu, Cristi Bobarnac, Geru George, Cosmin Dan, Ionut Marzac, George Mitroi, Costin Ochescu, Razvan Dumitru, Mircea Andrei, Gabi Negrean, Cristina Cerga, Mihai Darzan


Cloud Team

Adrian Poparad, Cristian Ene, Serban Voiculescu, Vicentiu Dogaru, Alexandru Lupu, Octavian Sbarna, Andreea Nicolae, Adrian Ionescu


Team Joy

Aurelian Buluceanu, Andreea Pistol, Dan Chiru, Hritcu Alexandru, Andreea Guci, Cristi Marinescu, Birsan Radu, Roxana Ionescu, Irimin Laurentiu, Bran Eduard, Marius Dumitrascu, Laviniu Baduna, Ileana Ionescu

Many thanks for supporting us:


  • Campionatul National Offshore
  • Romania Cup
  •  Poseidon Regatta
  • Regatta Ziarul Financiar
  • Bricul Mircea Regatta
  • Callatis Regatta
  • Regatta Kaufland
  • Limanu Channel Cup
  • Seanergya Regatta